Monday, October 10

Fall is here

I just had to tell our girls from across the backyard that they needed to put on pants and shoes.  I love the cooler mornings and less mosquitoes, although I'm pretty sure that it's going to take arctic temperatures to kill off those monsters oh my goodness.

My favorite quote currently:
"Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go." Isn't it a little bit amazing sometimes how the simplest things can be the most profound?  I think of this now every time I see a a tree turning beautiful colors, or when the wind blows and the sound of leaves falling to the ground is almost like the rain.  There are definitely things that I need to let go of right now, especially when my days are filled to the brim of caring for three small children and while I am capable of doing so much, I am physically and emotionally incapable of doing everything.  And you know what, it's enough and I am okay with that.

What I'm listening to:
Cold by Novo Amor is playing right now and Ari Love has her head on my shoulder falling asleep.

Favorite moments of the week:
Watching the butterflies from my kitchen window as I wash the dishes.
Realizing that having a kitchen window has been one of my longest wishes.
Brent and I's four year wedding anniversary and waking up to the sweetest card that he left me on the kitchen counter.
Ariella and Gwendolyn laying on each side of their daddy while he scratched their backs while they fell asleep.
Telling my honey all about what's going on in the Gilmore Girls even though I know he doesn't have to care, he still listens to my blabber about how I'm hashtag team Logan haha.
The five minutes it took to take these photos of our girls.  
Walking to the zoo with our little tribe holding my sweetheart's hand.
Gwendolyn following her sister into the church nursery for the first time leaving me sobbing in the nursing room haha she was ready but I'm not sure I was.
Our prayer being answered and finally being able to join a life group from our church.  We played an ice breaker game and I told them my favorite movie was Titanic but I didn't think it through and I should have said The Lord of the Rings. Started of by lying on the first date, not good Madina hahahaha

Small victories:
Keeping the children alive (haha) but seriously.
Experiencing the miracle of all 3 girls napping at the same time, not once, but twice this week!
Finding the time to exercise.
I only washed the same load of laundry twice before it made it in the dryer.

Room for improvement:
Where do I even begin?
Patience with Ariella's newfound obsession with the toilet tissue being ripped just perfectly along the perforated edges.
Patience while we pick out clothes in the morning.
Patience with myself for not losing any more weight since I've given birth.
Grace to make mistakes.
Grace to admit that it's hard sometimes.
patience and grace.

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  1. I really appreciate this post. "Patience with Ariella's newfound obsession with the toilet tissue being ripped just perfectly along the perforated edges." made me laugh because I think I had a similar obsession as a child. Patience will come!