Wednesday, September 28

Florence Pearl

I should be writing to tell you about how I've stolen a moment between nursing or smelling or staring at our sweet newborn baby to let you all know that she is here, and to stay tuned for photos from her birth and her birth story and all that wonderful beautiful goodness.  Except that Florence was actually born almost 7 weeks ago, and I never got around to writing anything because there has rarely been a moment to steal and I've gotten so overwhelmed with how much I want to share and how wonderful life has been and how busy we are from our day to days that I just kind of froze.  I realized that parts of me where waiting to curate the perfect photos and to find the perfect words and the perfect time etc...when there are way too many perfects in that sentence and that is all so silly since they are coming from a completely imperfect person and then I suddenly came back to my senses. 

It's late and she is so peaceful and is sleeping in her swing right now and so I decided that I will just sit down to compose as much as I possibly can until she wakes up to nurse then I will press publish no matter what.

I'm crying now.
Now.  Right now is always the perfect time to start that thing, whatever that thing is. 
I can't believe my sweet Brent and I were chosen to be their parents and we get to raise these beautiful girls.
Sweet dreams and always always always dream big.