Tuesday, July 19

Bohemian Inspired Photo Collection

When we still lived in Hawai'i, we went to the most amazing church where we met so many incredible and talented souls.  One of them was a beautiful mama and photographer named Amy and another was this gorgeous model whom we photographed named Kirsten.  Just a few weeks before we moved away, I had the honor of assisting and collaborating with Amy of Amy Jean Photography in this spontaneous Boho Bridal inspired shoot with Kirsten.  We are finally mostly settled into our new home and I dug into one of our last remaining boxes to retrieve the hard drive that included this collection to fully edit and share while anxiously awaiting the arrival of our littlest baby.  

Inspired shoot organized and led by Amy of Amy Jean Photography
Model: Kirsten Kellett
Hair: Madina Lawlis of City of Hearts Photography (me)
Flowers: Whole Foods
Dress: Oh Valencia Caftan by Free People


  1. Ah my dear! What simply stunning photos! I even Pinned a few of these photos! :) Keep sharing your wonderful photography! :)

    1. Thank you so much, you are so kind with your words of encouragement, they mean so much to me! xxo