Saturday, May 7

Nature's Touch Baby and Body Review

When Tanna from Nature's Touch Baby and Body contacted me, I knew I wanted to work with her just from how sweet she sounded in her email.  Her products came at just the right time for me as I started looking for a belly butter for my growing belly and some healing salve for the babies.  Living in Arkansas now, the girls get a lot more bruises and scrapes just from playing outside and I needed something organic and natural to put on them so that their scrapes wouldn't get infected.  Tanna asked me what I usually require from reviews like this and I told her that the main thing for me is time.  Time to incorporate these products into our lifestyle fully so that I can give honest feedback to my readers because that's the most important thing to me.  She graciously obliged and sent me four of her beautiful products, moisturizing face wash, growing belly balm, boo boo balm, and baby bath soak.

Let me start with the moisturizing face wash.  It was the first thing that I started using and three days in, I never ended up putting my makeup on for the day.  The first thing that my husband said when he came home from work before I could run off to the bathroom and put on mascara was how wonderful I looked!  I said, but I don't have any makeup on honey...and his response made me cry.  He said darling, I love you with make up and without make up, but your skin looks so radiant and I love seeing how beautiful you look in your most natural state, you don't ever need makeup.  He tells me this time and time again, and I keep resisting.  But this time, I think really saw what he saw.  I remember that morning, after smearing the balm on my face and then washing it off that my skin looked fresher, cleaner, and more evenly toned.  My pores even looked smaller.  While I usually take the time to put at least a little tinted moisturizer and blush on my face, I didn't really feel like I needed to, and so I kept on with the other parts of our morning routine.  I think when my husband said what he said to me, I just really felt that way about myself too and that's what made me so emotional.  It's safe to say that I love using this product.  In my days that may seem a bit chaotic with two small children and where I get no time to do many things for me, it makes me feel like I'm taking better care of myself and that in itself feels really good.

The growing belly balm smells wonderful and has what feels like a sugar scrub texture so it feels really good on my belly.  I already have quite a few beauty marks (what a lovingly call my stretch marks) from growing our two beautiful girls, so while I know that it won't get rid of them (and I don't want it to), it has definitely kept my growing belly from itching.  My stretch marks have also stayed a white color and are barely noticeable.

We use the boo boo balm for when the girls fall and scrape themselves on the rose bushes, for mosquito bites, and of course for diaper rash and it has worked beautifully.  It's a nice texture and a little goes a long way as it melts on the skin as you rub it on.  The container fits perfectly in our diaper bag for on the go as well, and that's a big plus for me because we only carry a small bag on our outings and I try to stay as minimalistic as possible.

And lastly, and probably my most favorite product that this sweet mama makes is the baby bath soak.  It smells absolutely divine and if you know anything about me, you know that I'm a lover of beautiful baths.  Not only is this little tea bag infused with lavender, chamomile, and other amazing and healing flowers with wonderful scents, it also has oatmeal which helps with dry and itchy skin.  We use it in our baths about once a week and I even rub it on the girls' skin and they love it.  I tell them that we are having a tea party bath and bring our tea cups and flowers in the water with us.  Then I have to explain why we don't actually drink the bath water haha.  I will definitely be adding the mommy herbal bath sitz, the nipple balm, and a few of the sugar scrubs to my cart for a little pampering both before baby arrives, and post-partum.

I truly feel so blessed that Tanna allowed me to test out her products to tell you how amazing, organically healing, and refreshing they are.  I have already added her as a favorite shop on Etsy and look forward to buying more things from her.  Any of her products would make a perfect Mother's Day gift or would be the perfect addition for a mama to be gift basket.  This is the most wonderful way to provide wonderful products to a mother or mother to be while also supporting another mother with a small business. 

That's all for now, until next time xx

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