Tuesday, March 29

Nursing (and pregnant) in style

After moving from an island way out in the pacific ocean to the middle of America, settling into our new home, then finding out we were expecting our third child, I FINALLY had the chance to resume my nursing in style features!  

The tricky part now is that not only does my wardrobe have to be baby belly friendly, it also has to be nursing friendly because I'm still breastfeeding both our girls (yes you read that right, I've been tandem nursing for over a year now!).  I have been continuously nursing, through pregnancies and all, for 2.5 years and have essentially been pregnant for 3 years, so I've gotten really good at picking out exactly what I can and cannot wear.  Not everything that I wear is always specifically maternity or for nursing because I don't like the limitation of spending money on something and only being able to wear it for 9 months, but I am all about having different pieces that work together for a variety of looks.  I wear a lot of dresses so I'm always looking for V-necks and stretchy necks for easy nursing accessibility, then I look for stretchy materials or flowy tops and dresses for room for our growing baby.  

Today, I am so excited to feature this perfect Spring dress from Pink Blush, you can find it here.  I am loving flowy dresses this season, they are so comfortable and keep me cool (because pregnancy hot flashes am I right?), and this one also has a V-neck, so it's nursing friendly too!  This dress comes in 12 different colors and Pink Blush practically always has some type of discount code so make sure you look at the top of their website to see if they are running any deals that day.  It's sleeveless so I paired it with a lace kimono that doesn't add any warmth.  I got this particular one about 2 years ago from The Blue Door Boutique, but really any color kimono would work and would look absolutely amazing.  Add jewelry, and of course, a flower in my hair and I'm ready to go on a date with my love next week to see my favorite band of all time, Mumford and Sons!

I would love to hear about all of your favorite styles this season and if you have any ideas for me that you would like to see featured, I would love to hear from you too!  Have a glorious week lovelies.


*This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click and shop through my blog, I receive a commission from your purchase.  I only post about things that I truly and confidently believe in so that you can do your shopping confidently as well.  XX, Madina*

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