Monday, March 14

Activity for the rainy days

I think we are on our 9th straight day of rain.  If you listen hard enough, you can hear it whisper that spring is coming soon..

The tulip trees have bloomed and the camellia flowers have already lost their petals.  There are a rainbow of blossoms all down our street saying hello and it is just the most breathtaking sight that I have ever seen.  While the rain can be a bit inconvenient sometimes, I remind myself of all the beautiful things that need rain to grow.  This is why I love the change of seasons so much, they come with a new consciousness, and it's really a time for the ever important reminder to wash ourselves clean as well.  

To keep the girls busy, I went on amazon and started looking for any kind of craft for them to do indoors while we listened to the rain drops hit our rooftop.  I came across this adorable little birdhouse craft kit by Melissa and Doug, you can find it here.  Ari Love absolutely adores painting and this was such a fun activity for all of us.  You will need a screw driver and maybe some extra paint, although the kit contains some paint, it's a pretty small container.  There are tiny little screws to put it together so make sure you are the one that puts it together or are supervising closely as those parts can be a choking hazard.  I keep an old tablecloth in the cabinet and it's like Ari Love's little artist cape.  We lay it on the table or floor and let her create.  It truly is an amazing thing to watch your child mix colors and put something together almost from scratch.  We talked about the birds and how we were making them a little home, just like ours.  After she was done painting, we hung it in our backyard and are now waiting patiently to see which little bird family decides to make it their nest.

I hope your children enjoy this activity as much as we did.  If you have more ideas about things to do to keep our minds and bodies active and engaged during those rainy days, I'd love to hear them.