Thursday, June 16

New Orleans, Louisiana

I'm sitting on our bed, 32 weeks pregnant today, writing this while both of our girls are asleep in their room that they started sharing 2 weeks ago, in our new home that we just moved into.  So much has happened in such a short period of time and I'm not sure how it's already been almost 8 weeks since our visit to my home state of Louisiana, where we spent a beautiful time with our family in the most romantically unique city of New Orleans, I'm not sure how we are only 8 weeks away from meeting our newest baby and I'm not sure how our babies have gotten so big.  I'm not sure about a lot of things, but I am sure that we are so happy to finally be home and that love is the greatest gift that we have ever been given to feel and experience.  During this trip, there were so many moments of overwhelming joy, even during the 8 hour total drive, we listened to our favorite music with the sunroof down while the girls squealed with happiness.  One hour into our drive, we found out that our first ever official offer on our now home was accepted and the whole time we talked about the memories that we will be making with our babies and the kind of flowers that we will plant and how we will decorate and how excited my love was to take his first shower in our amazing bathroom.  I look at these photos and hope that if our babies remember anything, from any vacation that we will ever take together, it's how much we love them and how happy they make us and how beautiful and unique they are and that they will always have a home in our hearts.

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