Monday, February 22

[Mia + Adelynn] Newborn Milk Bath Session, Little Rock Newborn Photographer

For a long time, I contemplated getting a different website dedicated just to my photography work, but after so much thought, I felt as though that would be inauthentic of me.  Photography and writing go hand in hand for me, sometimes I think in photographs then the writing flows out of me, while other times, the idea of a post comes to me first which then inspires a photographic story or series.

Over the past few years, I have truly come to understand the power and value of having photos taken.  This is especially important for me right now as my family goes through a very fragile time with my mom, but also because myself becoming a mother has opened my eyes to how quickly time passes.  So I hope you will enjoy these sessions as much as I enjoyed being a part of documenting them.

I met Mia almost 5 years ago at the hospital where I worked as a pharmacist.  She was always so sweet in making sure I had all the medications that kept my little pharmacy stocked and my nurses and patients happy.  We were both single with no children at the time.  Now here she is, with her second gorgeous bundle of blessings, relaxing in a beautiful milk bath.  Milk baths are so wonderful not only because they envelop both mama and baby in gorgeous flowers, but also because they truly are a way to be pampered.  The milk and scent of the flowers is very soothing and leaves the skin so soft.  Babies almost always take a nice long nap, which makes the perfect time for the mama to sleep too.

Thank you so much to Mia and Adelynn for letting me be in your presence this day.

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