Thursday, March 3

Waterfall chasing: Mount Nebo, Arkansas

Five years ago when I first lived in Arkansas, my very favorite married local couple who are also my good friends took me waterfall chasing.  It was an experience I would never forget.  They opened my eyes to the beauty of this land and why it really lives up to being the natural state.  The adventures they took me on showed me what true friendship and true love looks like.  It took me out of a very lonely time in my life and for that, I am forever and ever grateful, thank you so much for your sincere kindness Nate and Jen.  I love you both so much.

Upon moving back here, sharing these adventures with my family was on the top of my list. 
When we finally felt like we were mostly settled into our new home, new life, and new baby on the way, Brent and I packed up the girls, and our snacks and headed off to explore.  I really think that no matter where you live, you can find something beautiful about your land, you just have to look hard enough and perhaps sometimes, deep enough to find it.  Being outside is something that Brent and I both really thrive on and so do our girls, but spending this time together is really what we cherish the most.  We actually never even ended up finding the waterfall on this hiking trail haha, probably because rookies...but we had the most beautiful time.  I loved watching Ari Love feel so confident in her hiking abilities, even when it seemed scary to me.  She counted every single rock that she stepped on and was so enamored with the wild daffodils.  I am also really thankful for the Ergo because it makes outings like this possible, and comfortable. 

We decided that on every weekend that we are home and weather permitting, we will go on a waterfall chasing adventure.  I hope that our babies will grow up and reminisce on this as one of their fondest childhood memories.  But really, simply making memories together is the most valuable experience of all.

What are some ways that you love to spend time with your family?