Thursday, October 2

when the dawn breaks

I have come to know a little secret about how to have a majestic day with a very spirited, curious, and wakeful child, every single day.  First, begin each morning with a grateful heart, no matter how the night went, "for this is the day the Lord has made."  Second, leave the house as quickly as possible, no matter what the time is....

We kissed daddy off to work and arrived at the park with the moon still high in the sky.  The streetlights were still on as it was dark, the birds had just started chirping.  Here we were, sharing our breakfast with them, oatmeal and grapes.  Ariella loves to share with the "ducks."  She calls any bird-like creature a duck, and we laugh and I say, "look Ari, it's a duck!"  even though it's actually a pigeon.  The park was already full with boot-camp fitness training, outdoor Zumba classes, and early morning walkers and runners. She would wave along to everyone, and they waved back with big smiles on their faces.  We pranced around the grass barefoot, sang along to Bob Marley, cheered on the surfers, and tasted the dirt, the leaves, the grass.  We watched as the sun slowly made its way up from behind the mountain.  We didn't feel alone, tired, or scared...just happy and surrounded by love. 

This is the simplicity of life that I have fallen so deeply in love with.  These moments where time stands still, the sleepless and cry-filled nights are immediately forgotten, and only the joy that overwhelms my heart...that is what I vow to myself to never, ever forget.


  1. Wow. Your words and photos give me a clear image of exactly what it was like, and it sounds magical. I wish we had a place like that to go here! You're an amazing mama!

    1. Thank you beautiful, so are you! I truly believe you can have beautiful moments no matter where you are in the world. Sometimes, even with living in a beautiful place, we can fail to see beauty if our eyes are cloudy and occupied with less important things. I find myself being ungrateful at times, but then I have to remind myself to open my eyes and really see :) Love to you darling! <3