Friday, July 26

Ohana {family}

On Sunday, we found a church home.

You know that feeling you get when you walk into the cozy, comfortable, familiar house that you grew up in?

Mmm...and the smell of apple pie :)

Ok well, there wasn't any apple pie, but there was tons of other delicious Hawaiian and island food!

The moment we walked into the church (service held in a movie theatre), we were drawn to this lovely couple who were the greeters for the day.  In fact, it was their first time ever being greeters.

As Benjamin was writing our names down on name tags, we noticed that he had almost the same long hair as Brent so I'm thinking this was some kind of #longhairdontcare Jesus divine intervention.  Erin, Benjamin's wife, was standing there like an angel, holding a precious little baby angel named Aveda. The moment I saw her, I thought to myself, is it too soon to ask to be her friend?!

No Madina.  It's never too soon...

By the way, that's my new strategy for making friends.  I just straight up ask.  Don't judge me.  I usually know if there is a connection within seconds of talking to someone.  So if I see/feel it, then I'm like, "Can we please be friends?!"  I mean, you'll never know if you don't ask, right?  AND it has worked 100% of the time.  :)

Naturally, that's exactly what I did.  We got to chatting and next thing you know, we found out they're both from Texas!  We are all essentially science geeks, wanderers, and have so much more in common, including our love for the Lord.  Erin has been such a wealth of knowledge about being a minimalistic island baby momma, since they too had a baby while living in an itty bitty apartment.  They have already showered us with tons of baby stuff including a baby swing, swaddle blankets, bibs, and a Bumbo! 

We are now a part of a bible study group and we meet every Wednesday evening at a little Manoa Valley classroom.  We start by worshipping in song, then we spend time doing SOAP studies on scripture.  It's such an awesome time to meditate on God's word with lovely people.


 That's our Pastor Sam waving aloha!

New Hope Voyager is all about relationships

What's better than spending life building a relationship with such an amazing Ohana, doing church as a family, and best of all, sharing, worshiping, and nurturing the most important relationship that we will have, the one with our Saviour Jesus Christ!

Brent, Ariella, and I are happy little island people :)

Happy living y'all.

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