Friday, August 2

34 weeks & counting

Wobble wobble.

Shake it shake it.

If you're from my generation, you know exactly the song that I'm talking about...from middle school perhaps?  Geez I'm getting old.  Oh and by the way, my 10 year High School reunion happened a couple of weekends ago.  So weird.
Anyways, if you don't know that song...consider yourself lucky.  Your generation probably had better music.  Brent and I should have been born in the 60's-70's era. *sigh*

I digress yet again.

So back to that annoying rap basically describes exactly how I'm walking now-a-days.  Can't really help it and I don't know if I want to :)

We had a midwife appointment on Wednesday and everything is still looking great.  Ari's heart was beating at 150 bpm and it always beats faster when she hears our voices which makes me so emotional! <3  Love this little girl so much!

Don't you love this apron?!  T.J. Maxx :)

34 weeks & 5 days // My belly dropped this week, can you tell?

Her little booty is all the way on my left side and her arms and legs are on my right.  At our last appointment, she was fully sunny side up so I've been doing these lower back exercises that Dr. Lori recommended to try to turn her a bit.  Either way is not bad but it's usually easier to birth babies that are turned and facing down.

The crazy, most surreal thing is that we're already at that point where it really could be any time now.  Dr. Lori wants to make sure that we are at least as prepared as we can be for anything to happen from this point forward. Of course, we want her to stay in my uterus as close to 40 weeks as possible so that her lungs and systems are fully developed.  Basically, she just needs to stay there until she decides that she's ready to come out.

Symptoms that have really been apparent lately are urinary frequency, fatigue, and pregnancy induced carpal tunnel syndrome!

The first few nights where my hands and arms kept falling asleep were so horribly painful.  I would get up to shake them out and it wouldn't really work.  Then when the blood would start to circulate again, it would hurt so bad.  I cried.  For me, I know the pain tends to accumulate and get worse as I get more and more sleep deprived, so Brent and I stayed home all last weekend so that I could catch up on sleep during the day when the symptoms weren't as bad.  I got some wrist splints and they really seem to be helping.  Dr. Lori also recommended I take Vitamin B6 to help with the cramping.  Even if it's just placebo effect, the B6 seems to be helping.

Just a little fun fact about me, I have a mild case of narcolepsy.  I've had it since I can remember.  Not like where I spontaneously fall asleep.  Although that would be kind of cool.  Well probably more scary though now that I think about.
Mine is more of the kind that if I get really tired, I have to go to sleep right away or else my whole body starts cramping really bad.  It's just weird/boring, neither cool nor scary.  It used to happen to me all the time when I was in Pharmacy School pulling all nighters.  It would get to the point where I had full body spasms, everything would hurt.  Sleeping was the only remedy.

Dr. Lori knows this and she has officially prescribed mandatory daily naps from now until I go into labor.  We're afraid that I may start cramping/spasming from fatigue if I end up having a long labor without any rest.  She said not to skip a day because if I do, then that will most likely be the day that I go into labor...

I took a 4 hour nap today.  Doctor's orders :D

Brent grilled out for me since I've been having to rest so much with this carpal tunnel business and nap time.

Goodness, he's such a hunk!

Our building has a nifty little grill and picnic area

Ari and I really enjoyed this hamburger.  Especially since we didn't have to make it.. :)

 The other part of this weekend was spent at the Dragonboat races.

The Surf Riders!

Show me your game face!

The Surf Riders won 1st place in the Chinese Division (the only one that really matters since China invented this sport) haha

It's hard to believe that yet another busy week has passed.  

I can only imagine that life will be a little like this, except times 1 million when there's a sweet, gorgeous, adorable, poopy, snuggly, little human added to the mix.  Brent and I can't wait to meet her.

Happy living y'all.

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