Wednesday, July 17

With a little help from our friends

This week has FLOWN by!

Brent works with some really amazing people.  Not only is he super grateful for them, but so am I!

Not just because Ross made me banana muffins, I promise :)  

Ross and his wife Kimber are so awesome, we've hung out with them a few times, and Brent is on their dragon race team.

The object of the race is to row really fast and in synchrony

AND they are throwing us a baby shower in August.  We are so very blessed.

It's amazing how your schedule suddenly fills up with all kinds of fun activities when you make friends.

Wednesday, I had a dream that I gave birth to Ariella early, and in my sleep (must be my consciousness getting ready for my pain-free childbirth).  I woke up and there she was in the bed with us!  While amazed, happy, and in awe, I realized that I was absolutely not prepared for her arrival, and had no diapers on hand to change her.  I woke up totally freaking out!  Since I believe that my anxiety is only a product of unfinished business, I set out on my baby shopping mission.

 So this happened...

Mama's Fiat is full of goodies!

Pack 'n' Play all assembled by moi :)

Brent's favorite baby item, by far.  B.O.B. Stroller & Chicco car seat

My exercise ball is also my favorite chair, and will later be used for laboring
I also bought her a cute little bathtub from Babies 'R' Us.  

The last things to come in will be her cloth diapers, which I ordered from a really neat store I visited in the Manoa Marketplace called Baby Awearness.  The sales lady, Marisa, was so incredibly nice, gave me all sorts of useful information on cloth diapering, and she also became one of my new friends.  I had so much fun hanging out with her and her 3 & 1/2 year old son the next day!

Hayden the yogini

Beachin' it

Sharing a delicious Acai bowl with a little birdie friend

The crazy thing is that Marisa is also Arabic (which really blew my mind).  I mean, what are the odds that there would be two free spirited Arabs on an island?!

Brent and I had our first (and as Brent would excitingly add) our last birthing class this past week.  The class was way more fun for me than for Brent for sure.  He made it through the first few hours okay, but then got super antsy the last hour of it where all we talked about was breast-feeding and elimination communication haha!  I can foresee a future consisting of many communication elimination posts, simply because I am so intrigued by this subject!  Check it out if you're curious :)

The birthing class yielded yet another sweet friend named Bubba, who is due a week before I am.  They also happen to live in the next building over from us!

Ari giving her new friend Kai kisses 

As if all this wasn't exciting enough, I can't wait to tell you all about our new church family!  I got a new SD card for my camera and failed to format it prior to using.  I'll be posting about the New Hope Voyager Crew as soon as the Google machine helps me figure out how to fix my photos!

Happy living y'all.

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