Monday, June 3

No Ice in Paradise


Good news:  Brent and I are already sun burned and we've only been in Honolulu for barely a few days!

I got a little over zealous at the fact that our over-priced but so convenient condo is a walk through the lobby and down a ramp to the beach. The sun and the water were just too welcoming for me to even remember to put on sun-screen. At least I started off olive complected.

View from our balcony

Poor Brent, he never even complained a single time. I kind of thought it was a little odd for him to wear his shirt to bed...

We are SERIOUSLY excited!
The greatest thing about this trip was that it was so incredibly easy and smooth. We had six bags total, I even finished packing the night before and got almost 6 hours of sleep! I thought it would be a lot more difficult with so many things being different this time around, mainly being pregnant and getting tired pretty quickly.

With six bags, they were supposed to charge us $320 all together. Instead, the nice ticket counter man only charged us $120, that's less than half of what it should have cost!  

God really answered all my prayers. Every one we interacted with was so incredibly nice and welcoming, including the TSA security guard who talked to us for at least 5 minutes about how much he loved playing the guitar. My guitar even got her very own seat on the plane to Denver :)

It made our conviction of knowing that this is where we are meant to go that much stronger.

From our condo/studio apartment, EVERYTHING is within walking distance. I'm in love. The grocery store and the mall are only about 4 blocks away. 

Here's what it looks like.


I love having a kitchen. The only day we ate out was our first day here because we were exhausted and I had kankles..

My island creation

There's not a day that has passed without us doing some kind of exercise. Brent and I went for a 4 mile walk Saturday morning. I set up my camera controls and asked Brent to snap a few photos of me for my weekly belly bump shot.  

26 weeks :)
After being here for 1 day, we decided that no part of the beautiful sun filled hours could be wasted. We have started going to bed at sunset and waking up at sunrise, so that makes our bedtime around 8:30pm to wake up around 5am. It's fabulous. I also figure it will get us ready for an early bedtime with a baby on the way.

The pregnant girl on the paddle board inspired me to buy a 2 piece and wear my belly with pride!

Brent's side-gig in case doctoring doesn't work out...
We had a dance party on the pier. Brent snapped some photos of me but I was completely out of focus...paryting too hard I guess :\ 

Brent has been dying to paddle board since we were in NZ
He can't wait to get his own board. It's a great abdominal and leg work out.

Today was Brent's first day of work. We woke up at 5am, Brent showered while I ironed his clothes and made him a breakfast of champions. So proud of my sweet husband.


It's the first time that I've been alone in a long time.

I'll be doing laundry, cleaning, then I'm going to shop for a hip pregnant mom 2-piece bathing suit, wish me luck :)

I can't wait for Brent to get home so I can hear all about his day. Tonight, we are going out to have dinner with his new boss. I'm excited to meet her.

Wishing y'all a blessed and productive day.  Happy living!

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