Monday, May 27

Move it or Lose it

The past few days have been a bit of a blur.  Definitely the good kind..

Friday came along it's jolly way and Brent and I realized that we still didn't have a place to live in Honolulu.  The good thing was that we did have our flights and rental car confirmed (that's huge for us).  So we had everything we needed to make it to Hawaii...but with no place to go.

The company that was supposed to be working on our living arrangements hit a little speed bump. Basically, the hotel/condominium we really liked that they recommended as a living option for us, turned out to be not so recommended since it wasn't considered an extended stay hotel.  The lady setting everything up didn't realize this until Friday afternoon, after her boss had already left for the start of the Memorial Day holiday weekend.  We would have had to wait until Tuesday for her to get her boss's approval on booking the condo for us...and well, we are leaving for Honolulu on Wednesday morning at 6:40 am.  We decided to just go ahead and book the room ourselves.

I went into go mode.  I've been acting as Brent's personal secretary for about a month now and I must comment on the level of satisfaction it has truly given me to help my husband out so much.  Paperwork gives him so much anxiety, bless his heart.

When I worked as a pharmacist, I was basically on super duper go mode for 40+ hours a week, every week.  Sometimes, it was just too much.  Just being able to help Brent out with email, medical licensure, DEA applications, address changes, scheduling, deadlines, license expiration, paperwork, etc (goodness, if you only knew how much paperwork doctors have to go through) is such an easy way to express my love and gratitude for him.  It also gives me such a sense of purpose and I love it.

Friday, I asked Brent for a raise LOL! :D 

After spending some time picking out the right one, I booked us our place to live on Waikiki Beach for 30 days.  We thought it would be good to only commit a minimal amount initially, until we figure out the location of Brent's job with the condo and the traffic situation.  We may decide to move closer or further out depending.  

Did I mention we are walking distance from Waikiki Beach?!!  I've never been there, but it looks absolutely breath-taking!  

To celebrate, I made dessert :)

Red Velvet cake balls, soo good!

I started packing today (a day early) just because I'm so excited.  I'm sure you're thinking...wait, if she considers that early, then what the heck does she normally do?!

Well, to answer your question, my packing routine usually consists of waiting until late the night before, pulling an all-nighter packing and panicking until it's time to head to the airport, feeling relieved, and then sleeping on the plane.  

I'm pretty sure that pregnancy will not allow such a manic state, so I'm trying to be good and do things a little bit a head of time, or the more "normal" way if you will.

Packing in progress- top photo (mine), bottom photo (Brent)

We are flying United (Lord help us), so I checked into the cost of luggage since apparently nothing is free anymore.  The first checked bag is $25, the second is $35, and then $100 for each bag thereafter.  I'm ready for Southwest to start flying to Hawaii, I believe that they may be the only airline left where the first 2 checked bags are free.  

The only carry on I will have is my camera and my guitar.  Brent is taking his briefcase and backpack.

Wish us luck in stuffing our whole life into 4 bags, again!

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