Friday, May 17


I don't mean the kind of life where we steal and lie.  By gypsy life, I just mean that we are living with a lot more uncertainty in our life right now than most of the people that we know. 

Currently, we are in Little Rock, Arkansas, the city that started it all for us.  Although we met and fell in love in Hot Springs, Arkansas (it all happened within a 2 hour time-span), Little Rock is where we dated and grew our little house into a home with our amazing puppy dog Bijoux.

Brent and I's first photo together on our 2nd date.

Our first house.

Bijoux, the best and cutest dog in the world.

Tired little puppy.

Our little family, getting our marriage license.

The last photo I took of Bijoux, 2 days before our wedding. She was wearing her ring bearer pillow :(

We are mainly getting our clothes, records, record player, and musical instruments together to take back to Texas from our POD, which is still being stored in Little Rock.  Brent needs his dress clothes in case he starts working again.  We both need our instruments, records, and record player.  Everything else could go up in flames and we could care less. :)

My first record player.

The Beatles- White Album

Brent and I haven't worked for about 7 months now.  I quit my job as a pharmacist in October and Brent graduated from residency in September.  We didn't work the entire time we spent in New Zealand.  We lived off of money that I saved up while working full time for 2 years before I met Brent (go me!), my retirement pay off (we don't believe in retiring), and money left over from what my wonderful in laws gave us for our wedding celebration.

At this point, we have essentially used up all of our money, we live with my in laws in Midland, Texas, we have a baby on the way due in September, and yes, I wouldn't have it any other way.  Seriously.  I love our life and all the surprises and uncertainty that it entails.  Security, stability, shmecuribility, bleh...These are not really words that we like to use in our household.  We prefer spontaneity, fun, excitement, adventure.  The crazy thing is that pregnancy puts me into this complete zen state, where I am always completely relaxed and stress free.  I'm pretty sure that all the yoga I do helps tremendously as well.  People are like, well what about the baby? How do you handle all of this bouncing and moving around?! How will you be able to give her everything that she will want?! What's wrong with you?!

First of all, I've given all of my worries to God, and in return, He has given me everything I could ever need and want, including a sound mind.  
Secondly, we handle it because it's fun!  Our baby is going to know what fun is and that life is always unpredictable, no matter how hard you try to plan.
Thirdly, duh!  She won't have everything she wants!  She will certainly have everything she will need, including food (my boob), water, shelter.  
Most importantly, she will have LOVE.  That is her middle name, after all.  

The important thing is to note that Brent and I both have really amazing degrees that both take a pretty long time to obtain. Brent is a psychiatrist and his education totals to 12 years after high school!  I'm a clinical pharmacist and spent 8 years in school.  I mean, that's a long time!  I don't understand how so many people don't take time out for themselves to have some fun somewhere in between.  

Brent is in the process of getting licensed in Texas, thinking that we may want to end up in Austin.  I dreamed of living in Austin since I was applying for college about 10 years ago, but as of a few weeks ago, there are really no jobs available there.  The good thing is that he is already licensed in Hawaii (how cool is that). While we were in New Zealand, Brent also wanted the opportunity to eventually practice there, and since he had to be licensed in the U.S. first, Hawaii seemed like the perfect in between state to do so. 
Money has never been and will never be our driving force.  God and His calling is our driving force.  We will continue to listen to Him and go wherever He wants us to go.

Hanging on to the rails for this adventure ride.

Happy living to all!

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