Saturday, May 18

Dreaming with our eyes wide open

***Note: My last post from May 17th actually ended on a thought that I had about 1 week ago.  I started the post earlier and was under the false assumption that it would post it on that original date (rookie blogger).  Continue reading below for some pretty exciting news.***

As of about a week ago, we are OFFICIALLY moving to Hawaii! Brent got the job of his dreams, in one of the most beautiful places in the world, and will start on June 3rd.  That's about 16 days from now..and counting.

Fun, eh?  Told ya.

Now when I say officially, don't get all kray on me and think that we have this all planned out and have a house, car, furniture, birthing center, etc...

However, you can go ahead and get a little crazy because the company that Brent got the job through will set us up with a temporary hotel room/suite and rental car.  All the other details will get worked out, in due time.  Since we are indeed acquainted with living abroad, we are pretty much experts now on the art of moving across the vast ocean.  I could probably even write a post titled "The Ultimate Checklist for Moving Abroad."  I shall, and will some day soon. 

Brent will be working in Honolulu at a community correctional facility, and will also be faculty at the school of medicine.  He loves to teach and is pretty great at it, so this is such an exciting opportunity for him.  The job starts off as a 3 month contract with a 1 year extension opportunity.  This is so awesome for us because we know that we would definitely agree to at least a 1 year commitment in Hawaii, if not longer.  

It gives us plenty of time for Ariella to get old enough to fly since I'm pretty sure little babies and airplanes don't go together very well.  The recycled/ventilated air can bring on a lot of germs for a newborn with a developing immune system, and most articles I've read don't recommend flying until the baby is at least 2-3 months old, unless it's for an emergency.

As one can imagine, our family is a little sad I think because they thought we would stay in Texas, where us and baby Ariella (the 1st grand-baby of the Lawlis family) would be much closer.  The amazing thing about them is that they understand how incredible this will be for us and our more laid back lifestyle (beach, anyone?).  More importantly, they know the impact that Brent will be able to have at his work and the satisfaction that it will bring our little family of 3.  They have already started working on vacation days so that we can spend the holidays together.  My mother-in-law is going to buy a flight on my due date (September 8th) and then may change it accordingly so that she will be with there when Ariella is born and a few weeks post-partum.

Just FYI: Hawaii is ranked "the mellowest state," or the "least stressed state".

It also happens to be relatively close to New Zealand, which means that we will probably get to visit our Kiwi friends sooner, rather than later.

So in 2 weeks time dear friends, we will be en route to paradise.

Happy living to all.

Aloha :)

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