Thursday, April 28

He took the words right out of my mouth


"You should never have to dumb yourself down to the intelligence of an inanimate object solely for the purposes of dating an individual of physical perfection. Date a person who understands your lingo, is fascinated by your geeky moments ranting about Twilight, J.D. Salinger, and how Calculus could actually amount to something interesting. 

Date a person who can love the quirky side of you, the one that spews weirdness in the morning grunting like a baby or singing tunes from The Strokes in that high-pitch voice (while taking a shower of course). If you can’t be yourself, express the abstraction that is your mind and deepest thoughts, and mentally connect to the respective individual of attraction without being insulted by a raised brow, then find someone else that actually indulges in the character you naturally illuminate. 

If one has access to knowledge and quality, yet finds no decency—respect the bigger analogy—in reading a couple of books on subjects like chivalry, romance, creativity, and morality, what substance might they have to offer you? To make you a better you and treat you meticulously as finely, cultured individuals would respect themselves? 

Ladies and gentlemen, do not degrade who you are in exchange for a chance at someone who fails to meet your standards by miles, no matter how impossible it may seem that an individual of equal standing has failed to prove his or her existence during the life span that you have spent searching. I believe that one must exercise patience and understanding that mental connection, intelligence, and clear-cut verbal expression is just as significant as physical attraction in the process of deciding where one’s love belongs. We must respect ourselves, love ourselves, if not find confidence in ourselves rather than fabricating a self-image that far represents our true selves. We are not simple beings worth the junk value of the shit we try to avoid, but rather matched to divinity and respect, a level of royalty that brings reward in the form of an individual we can converse with—hours on end, easily. 

F*** the ignorance and the disrespect. If they are not well grounded in their selves, cannot respect you as come, then by what reason is there to believe you will grow? Grow with this individual towards maturity, care, and mutuality, with thoughts about the future and pursuing a dream? There is none. The honest truth is that we do not struggle through life seeking a counterpart that only admires the detail of our skin, but also the worth of our mind, heart, and soul. I do not want to engage myself in a relationship with someone who only finds joy in the shade of color upon my skin, the detail of my eyes, or the softness of my lips, because I do not wish to lead myself into these physical politics over beauty or attraction that is temporary, ephemeral—I would rather establish foundation and indulgence between a lover and the person I am, for there is promise of strength and longevity." - Jonathan Pham (came across this on tumblr)

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