Saturday, April 16


I recently realized that I absorb my surroundings like a super-absorbent tampon.  I guess I could have just said a sponge.  I am continually changing, based off of what is around me.  It's more like switching from one mode to another, whether it's because of the people that I'm around, or the place, or my state of mind at the moment.  It could be something as simple as the way I choose to dress, or do my hair, topics of conversation, and language usage.  I wonder if everyone does this?  Does it stem from having an identity crisis or is it just because I have multiple identities, that I identify with on different occasions?  Hmm..well, I like it.  It keeps things interesting for me, and perhaps for others as well.  It is genuinely who I am.

Note to self:  Be yourself.  It's enough.


  1. Wow, I'm your first follower! Super duper awesome:) Cool writings...always be you~Meredith

  2. Oh wow thank you, I am so honored to have you as my first follower! I absolutely love your project and would like to get involved. Please let me know how! -Madina