Monday, August 24

adventures in kaua'i

My love told me that this was going to be a trial run before our big move, leave it to my dear husband to book us a fabulous getaway to spend our days together with the miles that he collected from working so much.  Bless his heart, have I mentioned how much I love him?  Of course I waited until the very last night before having to wake up early in the morning to pack our things, laundry had to be done and with two babies who at any given moment need at least one part of my body to hold on to, whether for comfort or sleep, the packing may not have been done well, but it happened and we made it to our flight with time to spare.

I bought Ariella some gluten free unprocessed chocolate chip cookies for a treat because I could see it in every single person's eyes in the airport thinking we were crazy for traveling with two small children, and probably also hoping that their seats weren't next to ours.  I would call us "adventurous."  After our child sprinted up and down the isles of the airport about 20 times, I threw the cookies in the rubbish.  Sugar, or should I call it crack? 

Thankfully the flight was only 12 minutes long (here's to hoping that the 6 hour flight of the first leg of our trip back home coming up in a week and a half feels like 12 minutes...pray for us pleeaaase), and my love ended up getting us the minivan for our rental after all so talk about feeling like we were really on vacation.  The girls were asleep in their car seats for at least half of the time that we were there so my love and I spent that time holding hands, enjoying the gorgeous scenery, dreaming about how excited we were to buy a minivan because not only are they awesome but his golf clubs fit perfectly.  One time, Ariella fell asleep on his chest in the carrier while shopping for groceries so I fed him ahi poke for lunch in our van while we giggled at each other and people watched in the parking lot.  Every time we got room service, we explained to the server why our mattresses were on the ground.  We watched 'golf ball', as Ari Love calls it, and stayed up too late at night listening to the drizzling of the rain and the waves of the ocean, two things made of the exact same thing but that make very different sounds.  The girls slept peacefully from exhausting themselves at the pool when they weren't busy giving me heart attacks from fear of catching the dengue fever.  "they done got the dengue, we would joke" haha There were still occasional tantrums and times when I questioned what the term vacation even meant, like this is actually harder than what we do everyday at home.  If this is a trial run of how tired I'm going to be for the next 2 months then just start my coffee iv now please.  But gosh, it's so worth it.  The change of environment and the squeals of joy and the golf channel, and my un-tameable hair from all the humidity, the room service and the nutella sandwiches smeared with our fingers because we didn't have any utensils, and two hours and four hundred pounds of sweat that it took for me to install two car seats, and the fevers that caused an emergency trip to the pharmacy and back to our air conditioned hotel, and those awesome hotel ice machines, and free virgin mai tais, and stressing out about spending twice as much money as we thought we would....

every single minute was absolutely worth it. 


  1. Wow, some very incredible shots! What lovely and sweet memories! :-)

    1. Thank you so much sweet friend! I know we will always look back and think about this trip with absolute wonder. love to you darling xoxo