Tuesday, August 19

texas summer dreams

Our Texas summer came and went, but not without leaving a huge mark on our hearts.
From witnessing the union of two very beautiful souls, to taking our daughter under the very tree where my dream of marrying my one true love came true.
Birthday parties.
We drove and drove, to see dear family who loved on our daughter like she was their very own.
She danced to the beat of her uncle. 
Blew raspberries and was taught proper ballerina poses by her beautiful auntie.
We ate delicious food and had heartwarming conversation.  The kind that leave you tingling all over, wanting more, with weary eyes but a very full heart.
Ari Love barely missed us, too busy exploring, intrigued by her new-found skill of walking, new sandals and soaking up her Gram's loving energy.
We rode horses under a moonlit night, with the vast southern Texas land surrounding us in the most beautiful of sights.  
An experience of a lifetime that left us pinching ourselves over and over, expecting to wake up from the most pleasant of dreams.
Three weeks spent loving, and being loved on by the people that mean the most to us in this world.

One of my most favorite things about being around our family is that it reminds me of our own little family that we made.  I often look up to see Ari Love's eyes intently looking at me, or for me.  She reaches for her daddy and I, wanting to be held or comforted.  She notices when we leave the room, and when we come back in.  In a time where it is so easy to get caught up in the hardship and routine of it all, where you have so much help from those around you that you might envy what life was like when you were childless, with so much less responsibility, I am reminded of how truly beautiful this family we made really is.  How fulfilling my purpose is.  She chose me as her mama, and she chose my love as her daddy.  It was not by accident or coincidence.  That is something that I don't ever want to take for granted.   

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