Thursday, December 13

God's Country


LONG time, eh!

Did you know there are 10 times more sheep than people in New Zealand? :)

Can I say that I am so incredibly excited to be able to blog again!!  I am singing at the top of my lungs and dancing around to Pandora that was finally made available to Australia and New Zealand just yesterday!
Not that I haven't been able to blog at all this whole time, but for the past few months, I literally have not had WiFi to blog, upload photos, to facebook, or ANYTHING!

Let's face it, it really hasn't been torturous or anything.  It's actually been freeing, rejuvenating, cleansing, nurturing, amazing, uplifting, appreciating, re-connecting, and absolutely incredible!  Especially considering the fact that my gorgeously amazing husband and I moved to the beautiful country of New Zealand.  We call it God's country.  Here, the beauty of living cannot escape you.  We live every single day.

There is so much to catch up on.  My journal pages are dwindling, because I write every single day.  There is always something to write about, during all times of the day.

I decided that through me getting back into blog writing, I am going to go back through my journals and share my thoughts with you, along with any more thoughts that come my way.

Today, I'll just start by sharing some of the life-changing events that have taken place in the past little while..

Ok, so...Remember the man of my dreams that I met last July in the lake? Well, we got married on October 7th!! When you know, you just know. I am happier than I have ever been in my entire life.

Our sweet puppy girl, Bijoux, died 2 days before our wedding. You ask yourself, how can I be happy during the most joyous time in my life when I am living through a time where I am the saddest that I have ever been in your entire life. Well, God shows you how. He shows you why things happen the way they happen, and how the ones that you love are meant to affect your living being. Our bodies are limited, but our spirits are forever. Brent and I take Bijoux with us everywhere that we go. We see her in the eyes of all the animals that we greet. She has such a beautiful spirit.

Part of the transition to moving to New Zealand has been for Brent and I to reconnect with our body and our spirit. Not that we have been disconnected, but our previous lives left us little time to explore and pursue the within, and stay connected. The amazing thing is that we are so connected with each other, always. We had little freedom to connect with ourselves. Here, our minds, bodies, spirits are soaring with all the freedom that we could ever want.

Brent is joyously busy writing his book, which is coming along so nicely.

I have been gluten-free for about 4 months now.  If you've had stomach problems your whole life and don't know what's wrong with you, try a gluten-free diet.  You'll diagnose yourself in a week.  You will never eat another piece of bread made out of flour again.  Why?  Because the change in the way you will feel, is worth it. :)

I am writing and honing my musical skills. Brent got me an amazing Taylor guitar, since we had to leave all our musical instruments in the states, along with everything else that did not fit in the 5 total bags that we brought with us here to New Zealand. "Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication."

I do yoga daily, along with meditation, and prayer, lots and lots of prayer.  It's life changing, really.  The fact that we live in a home that is a renovated church may help a little.  We have a baby grand piano in the steeple.  The acoustics of our house are nothing short of miraculous.  In every direction I look, I see God.  God is everywhere, in everything.

The most beautiful thing is to know the God that is within us.


  1. Yay for blogging!! I joined! I have a blog, too, but it's private. So send me your email and I can add you to the reader list.

    So happy for your spiritual rejuvenation. Sorry to hear about Bijoux.


    1. Hi Natalie! I LOVE blogging and I'm so glad you do too! I've kept a journal for a long time so it felt like the natural thing to do!
      Love you and Donala!