Friday, March 9

Why We Choose The Little Gym of Little Rock

When we moved back to Little Rock almost 2 years ago, I was so anxious to get the girls back into a new routine and involved in fun activities like the ones that we were a part of in Hawaii.  I always hear that word of mouth is more powerful than advertising will ever be and this fact proves itself to me time and time again, especially in the world of motherhood.  Mamas talk, and we let each other know who treats our babies right and who doesn't.  

We signed up for our first complementary class when I met a fellow mother in the nursing room at church who recommended The Little Gym for gymnastics.  Ariella had already been doing ballet but I wanted something for Rose to experience as well since I couldn't find a ballet class for her age.  I remember I was really pregnant with Florence at the time and the early (but not too early haha this mama can't do 8 am) class times that were available worked perfectly with our schedule.

My first impression was the environment itself is so spirited, friendly, welcoming, and colorful.  First impressions for me as a mother are so important because I always listen to my instincts...always.  The children were at ease the moment we walked through the door (and so was I) and everyone was so sweet!  Our first class was so much fun!  It was the mommy and me Super Beasts class and the girls ran around and enjoyed themselves on all of the gym equipment while I actually got to take a little break haha!  They were engaged and immersed in making new friends and testing their skills.  Mrs. Erin and Mrs. Leah went over and beyond for us and I could tell it wasn't just like a one time thing where they were nice to us just to get our money.  I am always amazed at people who can love and care about my child like I do.  I'll be honest when I say that I love my children more than anything, but I'm not generally very good with other kids who aren't mine so it always really impresses me when people have this gift. 

One thing I took note of was the freedom the children are given to play, express themselves, and use the equipment in their own time.  They are never pressured or forced to try something that they themselves don't feel ready for and they always practice safety.  Don't get me wrong, I'm all about encouraging our children to try their best and do their best, but not into forcing them to do things which I think does the opposite for their self-esteem.  Another thing is that there isn't that spirit of intense competition that has deterred me from other places.  I personally just don't really see a place for that at their age and I'm so happy that I feel safe from that here.  After I gave birth to Florence, she was right in the mix with us, usually nursing or napping in my sling or Ergo as the girls played and learned.  The fact that Mrs. Erin and Mrs. Leah not only love that, but encourage it makes my mama heart explode because as a mother to 3 young children, these activities can actually be made to be more stressful than fun.  I have connected with so many other mothers who are in our same season and it has truly been a blessing watching their families grow and be welcomed and loved as we have been.

It's hard to believe but we have now been a part of The Little Gym for almost 2 years!  Florence has basically grown up around the instructors and even she started her own class 6 months ago when her big sisters moved up to the big class without mama.  I am in awe of the way our girls interact with their instructor and friends and the skills that they have learned and mastered as I'm watching them through the glass window.  This is the only activity that we have right now that all 3 of our girls can be a part of and where most times, I feel like I'm taking a little break from busy mama life.  I can't tell you how beautiful it is to watch your children blossom as they build the trust and confidence to try new things!  It also warms my heart to see the relationships that our girls have cultivated with not only the instructors, but also their friends.  We all look forward to our gym day, because I made some pretty incredible friends that I look forward to seeing too!

I realized that The Little Gym focuses on so much more than just gymnastics, and we are so very thankful to be reaping those benefits too.  If you're thinking about your child or children trying something new, sign up for your first complementary class here, you won't be disappointed! 

*while I did receive compensation in exchange for this review, as always, all opinions are my own*

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