Wednesday, December 6

By the light of the moon

I took these photographs lit by only the moonlight, when Florence Pearl was 9 months old.  I really wanted to push myself creatively and see beyond the perfect photo.  She is 15 months now and I have come to understand how incredibly precious memories are.  That is what is getting me through losing my mom.  When I get sad, I immediately think about all the amazing things that she is and was and continues to be even in her passing, then get an overwhelming sense of peace.

It's ok to look back.  It's ok to see how far you have come.  The important thing is just don't get stuck there.  Come back to knowing how beautiful the present really is.  Remember your why.  I hold true that success is not what I have done compared to what others have done.  Success is what I've done compared to what God has called me to do.  I was called to be Brent's wife and the mother of our 3 beautiful daughters.  I fail at a lot of other things, but I know that as long as I keep doing the best that I can, raising our girls into strong women, who love God and are kind to people, then none of the other stuff matters. 

Mama loves you.

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