Monday, April 21

smell the flowers

//Blouse: Free People//Shorts: Lucky Brand//Moccs: Minnetonka

This weekend, we took the time to celebrate the small things, as well as the big things.
We smelled flowers at the park.
Good Friday, an extra day of bliss to spend with my loves.
I watched daddy's eyes tear up as Ari's birth story came to life.
Ari hunted Easter eggs for the first time and grabbed them with her own hands.
Inside, as in down in the deepest, most sacred part of my soul, I am so happy, so in love, so incredibly joyful and at such peace with the life we live.
He is risen! Hallelujah!

Ari's favorite book is Pat the Bunny.  Rightfully so because Brent and I so thoroughly enjoy reading it to her and watching her interactions.
"Paul can smell the flowers.  Now YOU smell the flowers."
I love that by reading a wee baby book, I am reminded of the best things in life.

So make sure you take the time today, or this week to stop, and smell the flowers.


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