Tuesday, April 29


//Dress: Free People//Sling: Sakura Bloom Maple//Headpiece: hand-crafted by me//

For courage
It is not the absence of fear
It is to transcend fear
It is to act despite the presence of it
I feared to love
Yet I love your father, I love you
I feared to follow my dreams
Yet a dreamer I am
I feared to sing
Yet you are the new song I write
I feared to let go
Yet I have surrendered
I feared to birth you
Yet I am your mother

For courage
It is a decision I know you will have to make
To be uniquely you
To think for yourself
When the world wants to do the thinking for you
As though it has the answers
alas He has overcome the world
Let your heart lead the way
It will not lead you astray

For courage
It is to have faith our little Love
Leave what you know so well
And find beauty in the unknown
Let it be your catalyst
Let the spark start a blazing fire
When they tell you to lose hope
When they tell you that you can't
Remember that you can
Believe and be still
And you will

For courage
It is to love as you were made from love and named Love
Love radically, love extravagantly, love deeply, love unconditionally
With as much of yourself as there are stars in the sky
Love is the difference between life and death
Step out upon the waters and leave a ripple in the universe
Be vulnerable
Like the sun lights up our Earthly sky
Always shine your light
Let it shine so bright
Let courage give you wings
Fly our little bird

To be courageous is to be free

ااحكمة الصبر ااحيات والحب 
(Wisdom, patience, life, and love)

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