Tuesday, February 11

Kill Bill

Today was a pretty epic day for all of us midwife loving, home-birthing mamas.

Recently, Hawaii Senator Josh Green introduced a couple of bills written to impose regulation on home birthing using a hospital based model of licensing and certifying home birth attendants.  The home birthing community strongly opposed this bill as there is no evidence that shows that any further regulation is needed, and we all know that the last thing we need is more over-regulation.

There was also another bill introduced that was directed towards the practice of Naturopathic Doctors.  If it comes to pass, our amazing midwife who delivered Ariella Love and who is also an ND can no longer practice and deliver babies.  

*roll neck*
*flip hair*
"Oh no you didn't!"

and off we went to picket at the State Capitol.

They knew better than to mess with a bunch of mamas who love their freedom of choice to deliver at home, with an experienced midwife.  Not to mention that most of us gave birth naturally so we've been through a level of focus and pain that most of the senators and representatives have never experienced.

Here are some photos of some pretty awesome mamas, papas, and keikis.

More than a thousand testimonies were submitted and the parents and midwives that testified during
the hearings did an incredible job.  It's safe to say that none of the legislators were prepared for such a huge turnout of concerned people in opposition of the bills.

Just prior to when the hearings were held, we all held hands and took part in a powerful prayer circle that was so moving that it left many of us in tears, myself included.  I am beyond blessed to be a part of such an intelligent, informed, passionate, and caring community of moms and dads who are just trying to do what they feel is best for their sweet babies.

We hope to know the results in a few days.  Please pray that our voices were heard and our freedom is maintained.

Blessings and aloha.

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