Friday, August 23


38 weeks.  I can't believe it will only be a few short weeks before we get to meet Ariella Love!

My carpal tunnel has been so bad that I've had to take a break from typing, literally.  That's why I'm a little behind on updating y'all on things.

The good thing is that it's causing me to have an extremely sporadic sleep schedule.  Between getting up every 1-2 hours for a potty break, then my hands and arms falling asleep and aching, this is totally getting my body and my mind ready for the sleep deprivation that will likely happen when sweet baby Ari gets here.

Did I mention that we are so blessed?  Sometimes, I don't think I say that enough.
So I'll say it again.

We are SO blessed!

My friend Tiffany really wanted to host a baby shower for us so she created a virtual Facebook baby shower.  I think it's just so cool what you can do with the internet and social media these days.  We receive a surprise parcel in the mail almost daily from family and friends all over the world and it always makes me cry tears of joy.

 | Look at all the books that have been sent to Ariella!  And the precious outfits..OH MY! |

| Dresses from Granmamma |

| Ariella's toy box, so full of goodies! |

| I LOVE the color of these burp cloths from Jessica! |

| Ariella's very special book from her amazing God-mother, Dani! |

| Miracle blanket from Tiffany!  I like how it says "the gift of sleep" :) |

Our Voyager family also threw us a surprise baby shower!  Brent and I had absolutely no idea and it was the first surprise party that anyone has ever thrown for either one of us.  All I knew is that we were having a Women's Fellowship Event and it started at 2pm.  We got there at 2:04 pm and it was so odd to see so many cars already there.

Living on an island means you go by what's called "island time," meaning you will most likely be around 30 minutes late to everything.  (I'm so glad that there's an actual term for this considering I've been late to everything the majority of my life.  To think, all this time, I was just prepping for the island life!)  Anyways, the fact that so many people were there already was weird but we didn't think much of it.  So to our, well, surprise, everyone yelled surprise when we walked in and I immediately got so emotional!

It was the best surprise ever!  Look at that watermelon baby carriage, amaze!

 Robert and Aries' home was so beautifully decorated and there was so much love, food, and presents!  Truly overwhelmed with blessings.

Wanna know the even more amazing part?!

We had yet another baby shower that Brent's coworker Ross and his wife Kimber hosted at their house that very same evening!  I wish I had photos, but we got so excited while stuffing our face with delicious food and opening more gifts, that we left the camera on the table :(

Double feature baby showers :)

I ate ALOT that day, yum!

Thank you so much to everyone that is a part of our lives and has this overwhelming joy and love for Brent, Ariella, and me.

Every day, I am reminded of what love can do.

Love conquers all.

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