Thursday, January 20


I just finished drinking and having dinner with a friend, and then Skyping with another friend.

So why do I feel like I don't have any friends?  When I know I do.

I think the reason might be because these are essentially "newer" friends, and I don't really get to see any of my old time friends.  I know at some point, my old time friends were more of newer friends when our friendships were forming, so I guess this feeling just may never go away.  I will continue to feel like this anytime new friendships are forming, and my older friendships are becoming more distant.  Well, I admit, it does sound a bit depressing, but there's obviously a very positive and optimistic side to all this.

My Christmas tree is still up, and that is just unacceptable.  I am off tomorrow, and taking down that tree must get checked off my to do list.  Along with all those one hundred things that have to get checked off.  In case it wasen't already obvious, my to do list is extremely long.  I make one almost every day and just merge it into the older one that I have.  It gets out of control at times, but those little boxes always get checked off, at one point or another.

I wonder if I should include my background on this thing. Knowing me, my background would include my whole life story...which would take a while.  Although honestly, I don't think I mind.  I listen to people's life stories all the time, because I ask them to tell me their story.  Everyone has one.  I know I do.  Tomorrow, I will write my life story.  Good thing I have all day...minus the time where I'm checking off items on my to do list.

Just a little food for thought


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